School of Auxerre

See Philosophy and its background in the early medieval West.

Routledge History of Philosophy. . 2005.

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  • Remigius of Auxerre — Remigius (Remi) of Auxerre (ca. 841 908) was a Benedictine monk during the Carolingian period, a teacher of Latin grammar, and a prolific author of commentaries on classical Greek and Latin texts. He is also accredited with collecting and… …   Wikipedia

  • Heiric of Auxerre — [Heiricus Autissiodorensis or Altissiodorensis, Eric of Auxerre.] (841 876) was a French Benedictine theologian and writer.He was an oblate of the monastery of St. Germanus of Auxerre, from a young age. He studied with Servatus Lupus and Haymo of …   Wikipedia

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  • Philosophy and its background in the early medieval West — Rosamond McKitterick and John Marenbon ‘Libraries, schools and the dissemination of texts’ is by Rosamond McKitterick; the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Philosophical themes’ are by John Marenbon. INTRODUCTION The period from 800 to 1100 is even more… …   History of philosophy

  • Martin von Laon — Schreibhand Martins von Laon, MS Laon 444, f. 299v Martin von Laon (lat. Martinus Laudunensis, Martinus Hibernensis, Martinus Scot(t)us; * 819 in Irland; † 875 in Laon) war ein aus Irland stammender Gelehrter und Leiter der Kathedralschule von… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • Виццо — нем. Wizzo епископ Трира 804   809 Предш …   Википедия

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  • Clement of Ireland — Saint Clement of Ireland Born ca. 750 AD Ireland Died 818 AD Auxerre, France Honored in Roman Catholic Church Feast 20 March Saint Clement of Ireland (Clemens Scotus) (ca. 750 – 818) is venerated as a …   Wikipedia

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